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For over 20 years, our roofing company have provided high quality and affordable roof repair services to residential customers throughout Delaware and parts of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. As a fully licensed & insured GAF Master Elite® contractor, we have the experience and expertise to fix your roof issues. Give us call us to schedule a free estimate and one of our knowledgeable roofers will stop by your home to assess your situation, recommend ways to fix it, and give a free no-obligation estimate.

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As the leading roof leak repair contractor in Delaware, we recognize that it can be difficult finding an experienced roofer that you trust. There are numerous roof companies to select from, but our devotion to your satisfaction is what sets our roofers apart from our competition. From fixing a leak to replacing an entire roof, our Delaware roofing professionals have the experience, the skill and the manpower to handle any type of roofing project in a manner that is fast, efficient, and affordable.

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When you need a roofer in Delaware, you want to hire a company that offers a free job quote prior to starting any of the roof work. This way you know exactly how much your roof repair costs before the project starts. You may also want to select a roofer that takes different payment options. In addition to accepting credit cards and other traditional payment methods, we are proud to offer an 18 month Same-As-Cash financing program for all customers who would like to renovate their home.

To schedule a free estimate or to inquire about our financing options, give us a call right now at 302-268-9706.

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7 Most Common Reasons For A Leaky Roof

As a homeowner there is going to come a time when you run into leaky roof issues. By taking care of these problems promptly you can avoid needing roof replacement Delaware. Here are the most common problems that require a roof to be fixed.

Shingles Are Broken
Damaged shingles are simple to identify. From a far, you will observe spots of roof that appear to be different colors due to the missing shingles. The first indicator of a problem might be shingles scattered throughout your property as a result of storm damage. Shingles that are damaged have to be changed to stop rainfall from leaking into your house.

Flashing Is Cracked
Flashing is a crucial component of a roofing since it’s primary purpose is to develop a waterproof barrier that prevents water from leaking into your roof and causing significant damage. Over time, the tar utilized by roofing contractors to seal the flashing can wear away as a result of rust. If your flashing is left exposed to elements like wind or rain then this might be the cause. This problem can be fixed by very first locating the source of the leakage, getting the nails that secured the old flashing, getting rid of the shingles and the sector of flashing that is effected, and then changing the old flashing out for a new piece of flashing.

Broken Vent Booting
A vent booting describes the rubber boot that is put over flashing used to seal vent openings. If the flashing or roofing is harmed as the result of bad weather, there is a good chance that rainfall will leak into the home.

Incorrectly Sealed Valleys
If the valleys on your roofing system have not been correctly sealed, it is not uncommon for rainwater to enter your home. Valleys can become damaged as a result of human error or nature. If you believe that your leakage is a result of a cracked valley, call our roofing repair professionals for a free inspection.

Ice Dams
Ice dams are a significant issue for homeowners in Delaware especially throughout the winter season. It is not unusual for ice to form on the edge of the roof after a significant snowfall. This ice dam stops water and snow from draining off the roof and can damage the roofing system due to the weight of the snow and ice building up.

Skylight Installed Incorrectly
This type of leakage is usually easy to spot. Any type of damp spot or leaking around the sides of the skylight is a good sign that you have got an issue. This can happenwhen skylights are measured and fitted poorly throughout the installation process. A poorly sealed or installed skylight can cost you thousands of dollars in roofing repair costs.

Gutters Are Clogged
If your gutters are obstructed and water isn’t really draining correctly then you are going to have issues. The function of seamless gutters is to help divert rainfall away from your home. When the seamless gutters are clogged, water will pool and eventually permeate through cracks. This is a good example of how some minor maintenance can help you avoid the need for significant repair work.

When it pertains to roof repair Delaware is in the safe hands of a roofing company that cares. If you are experiencing any of these kinds of problems and want a free quote call us now at 302-268-9706.