Ready for a new roof? Asphalt shingles are, more often than not, the standard go-to in the residential roofing company. Why? Not only are they cost effective, the newest style feature an added coating that meets Energy Star requirements. That means the property owner will get a major tax break. And, because asphalt shingles have only gotten better and become stronger, you will not have to replace them for at least 20 or 25 years.


Within the asphalt family, there are multiple kinds of shingles to choose from. At first glance, asphalt shingles may look similar, it is necessary to pick the ideal type for your house. Depending upon your home, your budget plan and your objective, one or more kinds of shingles might fit the bill better than others. That means knowing which shingles make sense for your house.

Premium shingles look, feel and act really different than strip or dimensional shingles. These laminated shingles have a more abundant, rustic look, typically resembling natural slate roofing. Many homeowners, home builders and roofing contractors choose premium shingles for visual purposes but, in the end, these robust shingles use more than just aesthetic appeal. Premium shingles have the tendency to have included aspects such as better effect resistance and improved solar reflectivity, helping improving the quality and longevity of a roof.

close up view of new roofing shinglesStrip shingles are the standard in asphalt shingles. Very durable and constantly long-term, strip shingles resemble slate roofing and lay flat in a single layer. These shingles are common in residential areas. Not only are they inexpensive, they’re lightweight and easy to control and have a streamlined appearance numerous property owners favor.

Dimensional Shingles, also known as “architectural laminated shingles,” have over the last few years have become the preferred style in North America. Produced as double layer items, these shingles have a thicker, richer and more multi dimensional look than strip types.

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