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Are you looking for a siding contractor in Delaware? Quality and trust come with experience and our company, a licensed and insured siding contractor, has been serving residential customers throughout Delaware for over 20 years. By focusing on safety, quality and customer service; our Delaware siding installers have raised the bar when it pertains to having your siding repaired or replaced.

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Our track record for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service is well-known throughout the areas we serve in Delaware. From your initial free quote to completion of your project, we make sure every aspect of the job is completed to your satisfaction.

We proudly offer the following services:

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl is the most popular type of house siding material. Vinyl siding is attractive to homeowners due to its mix of resilience, range of color choices, and it’s reasonable. It’s versatile and some designs can be textured to look like wood without having to deal with problems like decay or bug damage. It is also easier to maintain than other types of siding and it can be quickly cleaned up with a pressure washer. Vinyl siding is the most cost effective solutions for upgrading your home’s exterior.

Metal Siding Replacement

Metal siding, normally made from either aluminum or steel, can offer your house a modern look and feel. Aluminum siding is a favorite here in Delaware and other coastal areas due to it’s protection against salted air. On the other hand, steel is vulnerable to rust and corrosion but fares well against hail damage. One significant benefit of metal siding is that it won’t decay like other kinds of siding. Usually considered low maintenance, it’s color will not fade gradually unlike wood, vinyl and other types of siding. It is also not prone to termite that can burrow into other kinds of housesiding.

Wood Siding

Wood is an excellent option for your home and comes in a variety of wood types such as pine, spruce, cedar, redwood and fir. It is also offered in a variety of designs such as shakes, shingles, board and batten, crafted wood or bevel aka clapboard. One the most popular types, wood has lots of benefits that other kinds of siding do not. Wood is energy effective, can quickly be replaced, and is considered the most environmentally-friendly option available.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is another favorite type and as the name suggests it is composed of cement, wood fibers, and sand. It is considered to be a cost effective, low maintenance type of siding that requires less upkeep and typically has less issues with bugs. Fiber cement has the feel and look of natural wood siding but it is not susceptible to rot. Delaware Roofing and Siding Contractors offers it in a range of colors and designs such as stone or brick textures.

Brick Siding

Brick is an appealing option not just due to the fact that it provides a classy and aesthetically pleasing look but because of its long lifespan. Look around your neighborhood and you will undoubtedly see houses in good condition with brick siding that was installed 50-76 years ago. Additional benefits include its resistance to fire, termites, and adverse weather. These aspects are the reasons homes with brick siding have lower home insurance rates compared to others making this type a smart financial investment than can be recouped much quicker.

What Does Siding Installation Cost in Delaware?

The cost of getting siding installed in Delaware is going to vary from property to property. The best way to find out the average cost to replace your siding is to set up a free consulation with one of our siding pros. After scheduling an appointment, a member of our team will meet with you at your home to assess your needs, offer advice, make recommendations and answer any questions you might have. They will also give a free, no obligation quote on any work you want done.

Free Quotes – Financing Available

We recognize that getting new clients is based on the quality of craftsmanship we have delivered, which is why we always get the job done right the first time. Whether you need a siding repaired or replaced, we will provide you with the services you require at a price that is affordable. If this is your first time dealing with a siding issue or home renovation project, you probably have some questions that you would like to ask. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with an experienced siding replacement professional who can walk you through the entire process and answer all of the questions you may have.

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